New Energys® launched on the market

We decided to follow the natural needs of horses. That is why we thought and developed a unique concept based on the possibility to assemble from our products an individual feed ration for each horse.

In Base pellets, which should be the basis for each feed ration, we then have reduced the cereal content and replaced it with roughage. The pellets can be added with Premium feeds, which help to promote good moistening the feed ration with saliva, eliminate stress and support good digestion and overall health not only sports horses. The feed ration can be also supplements with Nature products based on selected natural ingredients.

By mutual combining our products we can "tailor" an individual feed ration for each horse. Within the framework of concept changes we have also decided for a radical change of Energys design. The circle in the new logo evokes simplicity and never-ending life cycle, jumping horse then the brand dynamics. Combined with new packagings we want to highlight the beauty and nobility of horses we are interested in them first.

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